World champions are Langella/Moshenska

The old and new world champions comes from italy. Aniello Langella/Krystyna Moshenska defense their title and win all dances in front of Gabriele Goffredo/Anna Matus. The third place got to germany to Marius-Andrei Balan/Nina Bezzubova. Fourth place got france in front of the two couples of russian federation.

1. Aniello Langella/Krystyna Moshenska, ITA (5,0)
2. Gabriele Goffredo/Anna Matus, MOL (10,0)
3. Marius-Andrei Balan/Nina Bezzubova, GER (16,0)
4. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt/Elena Salikhova, FRA (20,0)
5. Timur Imametdinov/Ekaterina NIkolaeva, RUS (24,0)
6. Valentin Voronov/Alina Imrekova, RUS (30,0)

48th round complete

Exactly at 12 o´clock the master of  ceremony Franz Allert opened the competition with 87 couples.

Now, after the first round and re-dance, we can say that couples from 31 nations get a place in the 48th round.

Participants online

Participants can be found here.

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